A lot of people ask
‘So, how much do you charge for a session?’

While it is a legitimate question it’s also one that’s not
easily answered. Just imagine going into a furniture store
and ask
‘So, how much does a couch cost?’.
Just like there are many options for different couches
and the sales person in the store will try to find out
what kind of couch will fit your space, preference, and budget
so will I ask you

‘What kind of session are you looking for?
Is it time for a family portrait? Is there a new
family member on its way? Is your baby now
a HighSchoolSenior? Or even getting married now?
Is it time to update your business portraits?
Or do you need Team Photos of your Soccer Team?

See, there are many couches - um, I mean sessions available.
To give you an idea on what price range
falls into:
Wedding Collections start at  $1395,
Senior Sessions start at $149,
Family Sessions start at $175,
I’d love to sit down with you to find out
what kind of session & product
will fit your space, preference, and budget.
Contact me right now!